Radical Presbyterians

A member of my congregation left this with me on Sunday:

Mallard Fillmore

 Should I, a faithful Presbyterian, be offended?  Is this just another of the long lasting attacks against a good and peaceful faith.  After all, King George III did label the American Revolution as a “Presbyterian War” and many in Britain at the time called the war a “Presbyterian Revolt.”  I guess we do have a history of violence.

But I ask you, what violent acts would be associated with “radical Presbyterians”?  Vigilante Prayer?  I.E.P.’s (Improvised Evangelistic Preaching)?  Sacrificial Service (laying down our lives for the needs of others)?

I think it is clear that not all Presbyterians will be associated with such extreme actions.  Rather than attributing these acts of violence to all Presbyterians, perhaps it would be better to say “Genevan Fundamentalists,” or “Militant Calvinists.”

Forward the cause.

To God be the Glory.