Radical Presbyterians

A member of my congregation left this with me on Sunday:

Mallard Fillmore

 Should I, a faithful Presbyterian, be offended?  Is this just another of the long lasting attacks against a good and peaceful faith.  After all, King George III did label the American Revolution as a “Presbyterian War” and many in Britain at the time called the war a “Presbyterian Revolt.”  I guess we do have a history of violence.

But I ask you, what violent acts would be associated with “radical Presbyterians”?  Vigilante Prayer?  I.E.P.’s (Improvised Evangelistic Preaching)?  Sacrificial Service (laying down our lives for the needs of others)?

I think it is clear that not all Presbyterians will be associated with such extreme actions.  Rather than attributing these acts of violence to all Presbyterians, perhaps it would be better to say “Genevan Fundamentalists,” or “Militant Calvinists.”

Forward the cause.

To God be the Glory.

7 thoughts on “Radical Presbyterians

  1. Maybe I’m missing your point, but the comic strip isn’t against Presbyterianism. Obviously, it’s against what the author perceives as the media’s desire to promote “diversity”. Since they must support the diversity, they cannot allow all religious violence to be blamed on radical Islamicists, so they must blame it on someone else, in this comic strip “radical Presbyterians.”

    The absurdity of the blaming religious violence on “radical Presbyterians” in our current social, religious and cultural context is the point: rather than publish the truth, the media feels it must support diversity in all things, no matter how ridiculous it is. That’s the point of the strip, and I think it’s rather obvious that that is the point.

    • James, this is the reason why I think we need to come up with a “sarcastic” font.
      Yes, I completely understand what the strip is saying, and I thought it was hilarious. Matter of fact – Mallard Fillmore did it again: the Jan 11 strip stated that the real “perps” of acts of terror might be “Rogue Presbyterians.”
      Just thought I’d point out that we “radical presbyterians” had been blamed for worse in the past, so we’re ready for it.
      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your comments.

      • My apologies. Had I read the earlier comments, I probably would have realized that not everything in your post was serious. The post itself doesn’t really sound that sarcastic to me, but this is the only post of your blog I’ve read, so I probably just don’t understand your tone in writing.

        But regardless of how (un)justified the content of my comment is, in rereading it, I clearly overreacted. I apologize.

      • James,
        No worries. I try to mix my dry (almost non-existant) humor in with some serious devotions and other random thoughts. I’m just glad you read and responded, and I always appreciate comments.

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