Pushing the Restart Button

As I continue in my daily struggle with all things computerized, I have learned the joyful bliss of pushing the restart button.  Restarting stops everything, shuts the computer down, and resets the system.  The restart almost always fixes the problem.  I sometimes wish life came with a restart button.

This got me thinking of all the ways we use the restart in life:

  • When there’s an error on my computer – If you’ve ever had that “blue screen of death” telling you that a fatal error has occurred, you know the wonder of the restart.  If your system updates or crashes, a restart is usually always in order.
  • When someone false-starts in a race – You’ve seen it in the Olympics, or you’ve been there yourself: on the starting line, ready for the race to start.  Just before the gun fires, someone false-starts, and everyone is called back to the starting line to try one more time.
  • In terms of foreign and domestic relations – Much was said last year about pushing the restart button in our conversations with other nations, setting a new tone in diplomacy and dialogue.  Sometimes we need to push that button in our own homes, deciding to start afresh when dealing with long-standing conflict.

Do we have a restart with God?  There are times when each of us has gone astray from God, wandered from His way, stopped listening to His word.  Is it possible to “restart” with God, to stop, go back, and reset our lives in a way that our problems will be solved?

There is, but it’s not as easy as simply pushing a button.  God does offer us a second chance, and a third, a fourth, etc… but it comes at with a price.  For us, the chance to restart with God came at the cost of God’s Son, our savior Jesus Christ.  In His love for us, Jesus paid for our sin and guilt, and through His cross, so that we can have new life.  His grace is so sufficient, His love so enduring, His sacrifice so complete, there is nothing that we have done, nor anything we can do, that He cannot overcome.  If you need a Restart today, know that by trusting in the grace and mercy in Jesus Christ, you can start anew with God.


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