I was asked to give the prayer of invocation at a Cherokee County Republican event last night.  It was a great evening.  Rep. Steve King was there, and my wife and I had supper with Barbara Grassley, Sen. Grassley’s wife.  We heard from Brenna Findley, Bill Anderson, and other candidates.  Here is the prayer I offered.

Sovereign and gracious God, you are the God of all nations, in your providence and wisdom you cause nations to rise and fall, in the light of your wisdom you guide us through times of abundance and times of want; we thank you for your guiding hand which has lead us in our pilgrimage, and for your graciousness that has blessed our land.  We confess that often times we tend to trust in the strength of men rather than in your Almighty hand, we readily proclaim our self-reliance and independence, and we forget that we depend on you for our daily bread.  Teach us to trust in you, and in you alone, for our safety, our security, our liberty, and our happiness in life.  Raise up for our nation men and women who, in humility and gratitude, will serve you as they serve this state and this nation.  We lift before you our president, and all who have been elected to serve this nation and state, that they may be led by the light of your wisdom, guided by your truth and justice, and that your providential hand may work your sovereign purpose in and through them. 

Gracious God, we thank you for the meal we have shared tonight, for the hands that have prepared it, for the fellowship and friendship we share around these tables, but most of all, for the love, the forgiveness, the life and the truth that we know in your Son, Christ Jesus our Lord.  In all that we say, in all that we do, in all that we are, may we give you praise, glory, and honor, this day and forevermore.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

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