Busy-ness and Being

It’s been a hectic and busy beginning of a very busy week. With the special worship services for Advent and Christmas this week and next, plus a funeral in the middle of the week, I am already well behind where I need to be. My already packed to do list just got really long.
It all made me stop, in the midst of the frenzy, and pray: “Dear God, I know I haven’t the strength or capacity to successfully deal with all of this this week. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t face all of this alone.”
I heard a message a couple of weeks ago in which the pastor said if you are a new creation in Christ Jesus, if Jesus is dwelling in you by the power of the Holy Spirit, your “to do” list is not yours; it’s His. The things that you have to accomplish are the things that Jesus is dealing with in your life.
This doesn’t just apply to pastors. That business meeting you have to prepare for, how will Jesus work in your midst to bring truth and equality to light? That paper your writing, how will it bring glory to the Father? As you raise your children, how is Jesus guiding you and showing the the love of God to them?
In everything we do as Christians, Christ is present, and is redeeming every moment of your life unto himself. Don’t be overwhelmed by the busy-ness of the day, know that He has overcome!
Grace and peace!

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