No Virginia, there is no Triceratops.

I happened to read the following news release this morning:

One of the best-known dinosaur species may not have really been a dinosaur species at all, according to new research. Scientists compared triceratops skulls to those of a lesser-known species, the torosaurus, and concluded that the triceratops were actually young torosauruses, New Scientist reports. They believe the three-horned dinosaur’s skull changed shape as it aged.

Researchers say the bones of the horns and neck frill in the young dinosaurs remained spongy until they became full adults. “Even in the most mature specimens that we’ve examined, there is evidence that the skull was still undergoing dramatic changes at the time of death,” one of the researchers says. Torosaurus and triceratops will now likely be reclassified as a single species—but don’t shed a tear just yet: The name “triceratops” will be the one that stays, the scientists say.

First Pluto, then the Brontosaurus, now our beloved Triceratops.  All that we once knew with absolute certainty from the scientific community is up for grabs.  It’s too much to bear.  All of those documentaries and musuem exhibits have been wrong all this time, all those who have dedicated thier lives to studying our three-horned friend have been cast aside.  What’s next?

Fortunately, the Bible reminds us that our Savior Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever (Heb 13:8).  I know that the academic world will tell us that we need to “re-imagine” Jesus for our contemporary cultural context, but I’m rather satisfied with the way Jesus has been revealed to us by the Holy Spirit in God’s Word.  The rest of the world, in its great wisdom and understanding, may be built on shifting sand, but

On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is shifting sand,
All other ground is shifting sand.


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