Snow fun at all…

Since late Sunday night we’ve received about 10 inches of lovely, powdery snow.  If we lived in ski country, it would be paradise.  We don’t.  It’s not.  But we make the best of it.

In a period of 24 hours I have cleared my drive and sidewalk 3 times – but my “snowblower” (if you can call it that) has only been used once.  I can’t decide whether to take the snowblower to the shop to be serviced, or to the psychiatrist for counseling.  Everything seems fine, the motor starts up on the the first pull, the power drive engages, the auger turns when you squeeze the handle – everything is fine, until you hit snow.  Then the auger stops cold, refusing to move the snow, mocking its user, sending me back to the shovel.  Next to the Christmas lights (which are even now as I write twisting and turning and tying themselves in knots in their storage bin), my snowblower is my least favorite thing in the house.

Not one to let the rebellious machines ruin my fun in the snow – we decided to take the kids sledding yesterday.  Here’s a couple of great pictures from the hill…

Things to remember:

  • Never buy a Snowblower at a garage sale when the quality of said blower is described as “runs.”  It does that, but barely.
  • Children who can climb a hill carrying a full body sled are probably also able to shovel snow…
  • I’m no where near being 16 anymore, so jumping on a sled on my belly and going down the hill head-first will make my back hurt later that night.
  • No matter how cold it is, no matter how frustrating the snow might be, it is still a “winter wonderland” when your kids are out playing in knee-deep snow.

And now for something completely different – I saw this picture today and just had to share it:


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