Con que pagaremos?

This song always makes me tear up.  I heard it at a Promise Keepers conference 15 years ago, and it is still as poweful.

Here are the words:

Con que pagaremos amor tan inmenso?
Que diste tu vida por el pecador
En cambio recibes la ofrenda humilde
La ofrenda humilde, Señor Jesucristo
De mi corazón

Y cuando la noche extiende su manto
Mis ojos en llanto en ti fijare
Alzando mis ojos veré las estrellas
Yo se que tras ellas Cual Padre amoroso
Tu velas por mi 

No puedo pargarte con oro ni plata
El gran sacrificio que hiciste por mi
No tengo que darte por tanto amarme
Recibe este canto, mezclado con llanto
Y mi corazon

Then in English:

How can we repay so great a love
That you gave your life for the sinner
In exchange, receive this humble offering
This humble offering, Lord Jesus Christ
From my heart

And when the night extends its mantle
My tearful eyes will be fixed on you
Raising my eyes I will see the stars
I know that beyond the stars the is the loving Father
You watch over me 

I cannot repay you with gold or silver
The great sacrifice that you made for me
I have nothing to give you for such a great love
Receive this song, mixed with tears
And my heart

17 thoughts on “Con que pagaremos?

  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful song that does also bring back the memories of which you speak, when the men gathered, and the music and the atmosphere were holy and touching.

  2. This is truly one of the greatest songs of all time, and Fernando does it better than any one could! I’m trying to find the chords to play this song on guitar and would appreciate any help!

    • John,
      Thanks for reading, and for sharing. I’ve sent you an email with an attachment, I’ve got the words and chords that I’ve put together. Its really quite simple, just a G-D-C-G structure.

    • Con Que Pagaremos
      Fernando Ortega
      Key G

      G D
      Con Que Pagaremos _ amor tan inmenso,
      D D7 D G
      Que diste Tu vida _ por el pecador?
      G G7 G C Am
      En cambio recibes _ la ofrenda humilde,
      (C- 2X) G D
      La ofrenda humilde, _ Señor Jesucristo, ) 2x
      De mi corazón

      Y cuando la noche _ extiende su manto
      Mis ojos en llanto _ en ti fijare
      Alzando mis ojos _ veré las estrellas
      Yo se que tras ellas, _ Cual Padre amoroso ) 2x
      Tu velas por mi

      No puede pagarte _ con oro ni plata,
      El gran sacrificio _ que hiciste por mi
      No tengo que darte _ por tanto amarme;
      Recibe este canto, _ mezclado con llanto, ) 2x
      Y mi corazón

  3. HI could you please send me those chords as well? We are going on a mission trip and I’m wanting to sing this song? Thank you!!

    • The song I have a copy of is available on iTunes on the Promise Keepers: Break Down the Walls cd, you can buy the song individually. I also see Fernando Ortega has a recoding do the song.

  4. Please send me this attachment also Pastor Reveds!!! Like yourself, I fell in love with a song SO MANY years ago then I attended Promise Keepers in New Orleans… And until today, I had NO idea what the words were in English… I remember that I loved it so much that I learned to sing it… And now, I find the song, along with the words both in Spanish and English… 🙂 And “Just So Happened”, I attend a very small gathering held at a Mexican restaurant… The man that leads the service plays his guitar every Sunday… 😀 I am SO happy that I found what you put together here… Other versions are all awesome… But I believe this particular version is, by far, the most Holy Spirit inspired… Thank you!!!
    Harold M…

    • The Promise Keepers event I attended “Break Down The Walls”, was in the summer of 1996 at the New Orleans Superdome…

      • i had been to so many of the promise keepers events before i attended the 1996 dome event. what made it special was that i invited all my sons,brother in law and my nephews to this moving event!

  5. Its really a very nice song. I didn’t know the meaning but I could sing it over and over and feel so good but I thank GOD that I found the right meaning to the song.

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