Worth the Read (6/22)

This week’s recap of worthwhile reading.

Fifty Shades of Caution – Women are asking, “Should I read Fifty Shades of Grey?” The short answer is, “No.”  But you should read more here about the dangerous trap of erotic literature.  Especially helpful is the question, “Is reading this book helpful to my marriage?”

Heaven Tourism – With another book coming out about one person’s “afterlife/near-death” experience, here’s some insight from Tim Challies on how we should respond as Christians.

The Silence is Deafening – Rev. Mary Naegeli is a pastor and the Executive Director of The Presbyterian Coalition.  She writes a powerful article about the growing disregard for Church policy, and the lack of discipline within denominational leadership.

Hating on Bristol Palin is Back in Style – A disturbing look into the culture of hate that surrounds the Palin’s.

Why I quote the Bible more than Sarah Palin – Yes, more Palin references, but this is actually a nice little article on the issue of Authority, especially the authority of Scripture.

Aging Biblically – A video from Francis Chan on how we out to continue to serve the Lord through all of life.  “As we grow older, let’s not just sit in the rocking chair looking back at those days when we served God. On the contrary, let’s serve God with greater zeal. Let’s pour ourselves into serving others for the glory of God.”

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