Day Five Update

Day five is done, and I know those who are following our mission trip via email, my blog, twitter, or Facebook are waiting to hear about what took place today, but I can’t, not tonight.
We had a surprise this evening for the Mission Team; after supper we went back to the Consolation Center where I gave a brief devotion based on 1 John 3:1 (We have one Father, and one love), then it was time for movie night with the girls. We sat side by side, watching “Despereaux” in French with English subtitles. Then the girls sang, and we said goodbye. Those girls with their big brown eyes just don’t play fair.
I cannot put into words the range of emotions we went through tonight, this week… to try would to do the whole week an injustice. After I’ve had a chance to process this evening a little more I’ll write. The only thing I can say right now is this: You have to come to Haiti.
We leave here at 5:00 to catch our flight in Port-Au-Prince, so until I’m stateside, au revoir.


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