Jesus is Everything to Me

“Christ is all in all.”
(Col 3:11)

In Thomas Brooks’ Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices I came upon the following:

We have all things in Christ.  Christ is all things to a Christian.  If we are sick, Jesus is a physician.  If we thirst, Jesus is a fountain.  If our sins trouble us, Jesus is our righteousness.  If we stand in need of help, Jesus is mighty to save.  If we fear death, Jesus is life.  If we are in darkness, Jesus is light.  If we are weak, Jesus is strength. If we are in poverty, Jesus is plenty.  If we desire heaven, Jesus is the way.  The soul cannot say, “this I would have, and that I would have.”  But having, Jesus, he has all he needs – eminently, perfectly, eternally.

I read this, and I say, “Amen.”  But the more I think about it, I wonder, “Is this really the case for Christians today?  Is this true even of me?”

Think about it:

    • When we’re sick, we call the doctor.
    • When we’ve got aches and pains, we reach for the aspirin.
    • When we are thirsty, we have a class of water.
    • When our conscience is troubled, we find a stronger drink, a better pill, a listening ear, a credit card to buy back our happiness.
    • When we need help, when we are afraid for our own future, we put our trust in the power of government, our stockpile of gold, the wisdom of man.
    • When we are weak, we put on a mask of strength.

How often do we turn to Jesus?  When do we come to him as our “all in all”?

For many of us, we may talk about the greatness of knowing Jesus, when in reality Jesus is just one more “thing” we’ve added to our already crowded life.  It’s not that we believe in Jesus and all the other things in life; rather, it’s a matter of all the other things in life, with just a little Jesus added in.

Is Jesus at the center of your life?  Would you be satisfied if you lost everything else, but still had Jesus?  Would you be content with Him and nothing else?

    • If you lost your home, your car, your employment, but still had Jesus, would you feel safe and secure?
    • If, like Job, you lost your family, your health, your friends, but you still had Jesus, would you look to heaven confident in God’s provision and love?
    • If, because of the convictions of your faith, you lost your status in the community, were ridiculed, scorned, and even attacked because of your beliefs, but still had Jesus, would you rejoice in your sufferings as did the saints of old?

Upon what does your faith, your contentment, your hope in life depend?  Upon Christ alone, or upon Christ plus X?

Let me end with one more quote from Brooks:

Though honor is not, and riches are not, and health is not, and friends are not – it is enough that Christ is, that he reigns, conquers, and triumphs.  Christ is the pot of manna, the cruse of oil, a bottomless ocean of all comfort, contentment, and satisfaction.  He who has him lacks nothing: he who lacks him enjoys nothing.  In having nothing I have all things, because I have Christ; having therefore all things in him, I seek no other reward, for his is all in all.


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