Suggested Band Names

Now that I have mastered 3 chords on my guitar (it’s only taken me 3 months to do it), why not start a band? My youth pastor, Sara, who reportedly plays a mean Claves, has already committed to the band, and I am hoping to convince my wife to join in on the Tambourine. Maybe someday I even be able to talk my daughter into rocking out on the electric Flute.

Until then, I am focusing my energies on the all important work of coming up with a great Band Name, because, after all, the name defines the band.  Here are a couple of options: 

  • “Three Chords and the Truth” – if we go with this name we’d certainly have to be a “christian/folk” band, but the name pretty much says it all.
  • “Moral Turpitude” – this would necessitate a punk rock sound and long hair and spandex – but what a great name.
  • “Darwin’s Flaw” – I don’t know what it means, but it’s catchy, and might pique interest. Could be an Electronic/Dance sound, heavy on the re-mix, or alternative (think Erasure).
  • “En-hakkore” – this is the well God gave to Samson to renew his strength.  Maybe a grunge/alternative sound.
  • “Sign of Jonah” – this is kind of a “Jars of Clay” title, so definitely an alternative/christian contemporary crossover sound.

If you have any band name suggestions, please share them in the comments below.  Be sure to suggest also the style of music that goes with the name. Thanks for the help.


Three Chords and the Truth

I am working on one of my “goals” in life.  Last September I actually went out and bought a guitar, and I am slowly teaching myself to play.  I am a long way from ever playing in front of anyone, even my family tires of it, but it’s coming along.  Thirty minutes a day, usually after everyone’s already gone to bed, I’ll pull out the six strings and strum my way through my priase and worship books.

It truly is amazing how the old “Three Chords and the Truth” saying applies.  Once I figured out the C, D, and G chords (with an occasional A, and Em), I realized I could play a lot of songs.  Not well, but I could at least recognize the basic structure of the song.  What a confidence booster.  (I wish someone would have warned me though about the calouses on the tips of my fingers.)

I write this, not to advertize my budding guitar abilities, but to comment on an exepected blessing.  When I was looking for chorded music to help me learn to play, I found in our music books for the praise team that the chords were written out above the music (sometimes even with a cute little picture of how to finger the chord).  So I took those home and started to play through them. 

Now I find myself spending 30 to 45 minutes every day singing priase and worship songs.  My heart is happier, I find myself humming songs of worship throughout the day, I long for the time to play and worship in the evenings. 

Maybe this whole guitar thing was God’s way of helping me make time for Him in my life.  However it came to pass, I am so thankful for the time in worship.