How To Celebrate Christmas #3: Mary Pondered

J.M. Boyce writes in his book, “The Christ of Christmas”

The third way in which you and I can celebrate Christmas is to ponder it, for Mary, we are told, “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).  Pondering is connected with amazement, of course, for it begins with it.  But it also goes beyond amazement as an attempt to understand the mystery or figure it out.  It implies a diving beneath the surface.  If involves an effort to enter into the heart and counsels of God.  Do that.  Spend some time at Christmas thinking over what you know of God and trying to understand the ways of God more fully.

May I add one other thought to that?  Pondering is work.  It is not just brooding or getting into a pious frame of mind.  It is an attempt to take what you know and then by an exercise of the mind to build upon it.  Think what it involved in the case of Mary, Jesus’ mother.  First, it involved her member; for we are told that she “treasured up all these things.”  Second, it involved her affections, for she “treasures up all these things… in her heart.”  Third, it involved her intellect; for she “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Can you do that as a Christian?  Of course, you can.  You can remember the events.  You an remember the moment in which they became real for you personally.  You can sharpen up your affections; indeed, when you must, for it is a terrible thing to have your love for the one who is the Lord of love grow cold.  Then you can think about these things and allow God to teach you more about Himself.  Our time is poorly spent if we allow daily affairs to eclipse times of pondering upon God’s Word.


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