Three Things Every Father Needs

While wrestling with my three boys (my daughter had the good sense to stay clear of this fracas), it suddenly occurred to me that there are at least three things that every Father needs.  I list them for you now, in the order of their priority while wrestling:

  1. An Athletic Cup – I will not go into great detail here, but every father knows the necessity of this protection.  From infancy on, it seems destined that your children are aiming for that one spot they know will bring you to your knees.  As soon as they are walking, their heads, hands, soccer balls, and baseball bats are honed for the strike zone.  When babies are born, new moms get a diaper bag filled with lotions, samples of diapers, coupons and the like.  Would it kill them to throw in a cup for dad?
  2. Duct Tape/Super Glue – Inevitably, while wrestling, or doing anything else with dad, something will break (a dish, a toy, an arm, etc).  Having been raised by MacGyver, any man in my generation should know how to fix just about anything with a roll of duct tape (they even make it in camouflage now, if you can find it).
  3. A Good Motto – A friend of mine had the phrase, “Don’t put your mouth on it.”  You’d be surprised how often you say that as a parent, and in the least expected situations.  Dad needs to have that one pearl of wisdom for which he will be remembered.  I was watching “Hamlet” the other night, and Polonius has volumes of wisdom, but Laertes and Ophelia roll their eyes when he prattles on.  Better to have one nugget of wisdom that is handed down, than a chest of pearls that is left behind (I made that up myself).
    So what’s my pearl of wisdom?  I’m tempted to say, “Never put a dages on a res,” but until the kids take Hebrew, it will be meaningless to them.  I’ve caught myself saying, “Don’t be sorry, be right,” but I don’t know if that’s how I want to be remembered.  Hopefully my catch-phrase will be “Remember whose you are,” which I say every morning as I drop the kids off at school.

If you can add to this list, your share you one note of wisdom, please feel free to respond to this post.

Good luck out there dads!

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