Some friends in the church got us hooked this last weekend on a web-site that is streaming live video of a Bald Eagle’s nest near Decorah, IA with three eggs.  As I write the eggs are only two or three days from hatching.  Watching the eagles come and go from the nest is magnificent, watching them sit there for hours on end – not so much.  Still, it’s better than most of what’s on TV right now. (Click here to visit the site.)

We have a lot of Bald Eagles that nest in our region, so Bird-watching is a pretty popular past time.  If you take the time to look, there are beautiful birds everywhere.  The Robins are back in force.  I caught a glimpse of a Cardinal yesterday from the bedroom window.  Pretty soon, the Turkey Vultures will be roosting on the tower across the street (not so pretty).

This got me thinking, though – if bird watching is such a popular thing to do, should “God-watching” be popular too.  I don’t mean looking for images of God, Jesus, or the Virgin Mary in coffee stains and potato chips.  No, I’m talking about that kind of vision in which you are looking for God to be revealed working in everything around you – the promotion at work, the diagnosis from the doctor, the blessing of family and friends, the loss of a loved one.  In all these things, the providential and sovereign hand of God is working, but too often we aren’t looking to see it.

How would life be different, though, if we spent every waking moment expecting to see God working in our midst.  God is not limited to working for one or two hours of your week as you are in Church, God is with you, guiding, leading, moving, directing your ways.  God is working right now in your life, are you watching, looking, for Him?

On the next tab over on my browser I see the eagle is still there.  In my heart I know that God is with me, and that He will never leave.  Happy God-watching!


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