Preaching Man

I missed “Theologiggle” when I was at Princeton Seminary.  This was a comedy night, by and for theology students at Princeton.  I don’t know why I never went.  Could be as a married student and living in married housing three miles from campus, I never made it back up for this event.  Truth be told, I didn’t do a lot of the “campus life” stuff at Princeton.  I had my own life, we made friends with those who lived nearby, and there were more important things to do (like studying – it’s funny how when I was paying for my own education that all of a sudden became much more important).  During my second year in Seminary, our first child was born, so after that, I had no social life to speak of.  In other words, I never attended “Theologiggle,” and it didn’t really bother me.

But now that this video has circulated on the web, I’m beginning to think I missed out on something fun –

Combining the crazy passion of the “Old Spice Man” with the marketing ploys of “Cokesbury” – who’d a thunk it.

Keep up the good work PTS – Hodge would be proud.

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