Anxously Awaiting the Doctor… Again

Yes, I am a fan-boy.

As I did last year, today I post to comment upon my eager anticipation of the upcoming edition of Doctor Who.  For those of you who are still unaware, Doctor Who is the longest running Science Fiction show on television, ever.  Starting in 1963, the show ran until 1989, and then 5 years ago was revamped and it is better than ever.

Doctor Who centers around the mysterious Doctor, a Time Lord who travels in a TARDIS, which has taken the shape of a 1950’s blue police box – but the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than on the outside.  With his companions, the Doctor travels through time and space, continually saving humanity, and himself, from the impenting doom of monster, aliens, and other assundry threats to the universe.

I first watched Doctor Who with my dad, oh so long ago.  It became a SaturdayFourth Doctor.jpg Evening routine for us.  The special effects then were horrible, just horrible, but the writing was exceptional.  My Doctor (whenever the actor playing the doctor leaves the show, the Doctor is regenerated…) was and will always be Tom Baker, but I was really impressed by David Tennant, and have been won over by Matt Smith.

Unfortunately, since I don’t get BBC America, I will be forced to watch this season through iTunes.  Not a bad way to watch it, I get to have the entire season on my computer to watch at any time, but I do have to wait a week to download it.  Oh well, the anticipation makes it that much better.

Here is the trailer for the upcoming series 6 – enjoy!

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