Neither a writer nor a blogger, he

Scratching my head, wondering what to write.

See, the thing is, I’m a pastor, not a writer.  I’ve never dreamed of being a writer.  I’ve never claimed here to be a writer, I respect writers too much. 

Yes there are times when as a pastor/preacher, I have to write.  I work in words.  Translating, interpreting, parsing, speaking… it’s all part of the job.  I know that words have the power of creation; God spoke and the universe came into being, Jesus spoke and calmed the storm, brought healing to the sick and life to the dead.  God spoke to His prophets and apostles through the power of the Holy Spirit and through His sovereign grace has given us the Scriptures to show us His will and His love.  I believe in the Word of God.  I believe in the power of words.  I use words to craft and lead worship and praise of God.

All that being said, I’m still not a writer.  I’m not even a blogger.  To be a blogger, I’d have to have more passion about blogging.  I’d have to have a bigger following (though I do appreciate those who do read this).  At time I get a little obsessed about the stats about who has visited my blog and what they’ve read – I like their comments.  It’s a little self-gratifying and ego-inflating.

So what am I, what is this?  If I’m not a writer, if I’m not a blogger, why is this even here?  As the saying goes, “I’m just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”

My writing here, the feeble attempts at humor, the video posts, the devotional thoughts on Scripture; this is all merely one more attempt to share the gospel.  I am a preacher by heart.  If my church closed its doors tomorrow, I’d still be preaching.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has so gripped my heart that it will never let me go.  My voice has been lost for the gospel.  My desires are spent on the glory of God.  I live to make Christ known.  I write for the same.

So take this blog for what it is.  I’m not here to sell a book.  I’m not here to promote my ministry or my church.  I’m not here to be cute, witty, or entertaining.  I’m not here to make a name for myself.  I am here, writing away, that the Word may find its home in your heart as well.


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